How to Promote Your Healthcare Event

Promoting your medical conference and continuing education event can be challenging especially if you want to generate more interest for your healthcare event and drive traffic to your site registration page. Included in this article are some proven marketing tactics that will help build momentum for your upcoming events. 

Industry Influencer Outreach

Collaborating with prominent medical professionals in your network and asking them to post/share your scheduled event on their social media pages will bring awareness to your campaign. They can promote your event within their business and affiliate marketing community. These efforts will help bring more registrations.

Optimize Your Event Page for Conversions

Your event landing page should be optimized to convert visitors. This page should feature relevant and engaging content for your target audience. The registration process and fees should be listed along with any other pertinent instructions.

Your call-to-action buttons should be placed strategically to get more bookings and it should include key information about the event. You can list how many people will attend the event and the names of top guest speakers and instructors. 

Highlight your event’s key benefits, answer pre-registration questions, and make it relatively easy for participants to get in touch with you. 

Targeted Blogs

You can also drum up some interest in your upcoming healthcare event by creating a blog post on your website and publishing articles that are related to the latest medical breakthroughs. If you decide to do high-quality guest posts for websites that are industry-related, make sure that these websites are not spammy and irrelevant to healthcare.

Look for additional creative outreach opportunities that will draw the right kind of people to your healthcare event. Do not use sales-oriented text, instead, curate informational content that will establish your organization’s domain authority and brand credibility. 

Social Media Marketing

Sharing engaging posts such as: quizzes, facts, images, and videos on your social media profile page can certainly bring a lot of attention to your healthcare event. The main objective is to increase awareness about your upcoming medical event, offer a sneak-peek, name the key-note speaker, and provide a list of topics that will be covered during the event. 

 What Can The Circle Do For You?

Organizing your healthcare event can prove to be quite challenging and time-consuming especially if you do not have any digital marketing experience. Let us take the stress out of event listing and promotion. When you list your event with The Circle, our in-house Internet marketing team will create a strategic promo campaign which include SEO, PPC, and local targeting to help drive website traffic, encourage registration, increase revenue, and attendance for your healthcare continuing education program. 

The event registration process is easy, just select one of our packages and publish your event.


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